Kristy’s Spanish Scope and Sequence

Spanish 1

I do not teach level 1, and haven’t for about 8 years! If I WERE teaching level 1, I would recommend a combination of the SOMOS curriculum by Martina Bex and I’d select 2-3 easy readers. I’d use easy readers such as Esmeralda, la tortuguita marina, Brandon Brown quiere un perro (or any other Brandon reader you like), Mata la piñata, Llama en Lima, Silencio, ¡por favor!, and Laritza. These readers all have 75-100 unique words, are compelling, and are great for middle school or early high school!

Spanish 2

Semester 1:

We watch Mi vida loca on Fridays during the 1st semester (we spend about 15 minutes on each episode including a bit of discussion or a short activity). Check out this Facebook group for ideas on how to use this program in class.

My Spanish 2 students come to me from different teachers and have a variety of levels/experience. I like to start the year with card talk/circling with balls and fun, easy stories.

We also do a song of the week, which actually takes about 2-3 weeks per song. The songs are my daily warmup, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we begin class with 10 minutes of SSR.

Unit 1: Card talk (3-6 days)

Unit 2: Initial movietalk/storytelling series (4 weeks):
Darte un beso
Cashnip Kitty
La correcaca (The Comprehensible Classroom)
La cartera
Es una broma

Unit 3: Mata la piñata (3 weeks):
Mata la piñata Reader (Fluency Matters)
Mata la piñata teacher’s guide

Beginning of November: Noviembre sin barba story / Noviembre sin ti song

Unit 4: Noches misteriosas en Granada (6 weeks)
Noches misteriosas en Granada (Fluency Matters)
El monstruo del armario
El exorcismo

Unit 5: Navidad/Winter (3 weeks):
12 Christmas Commercials
Los padres no existen/Los Reyes Magos lesson
El gato de Simón “El muñeco de nieve”

Biography of Wisin (in Duele el corazón)

Semester 2:

During the month of March we do “Musical March Madness” brackets in lieu of our regular “Song of the week”, but we do songs of the week the rest of the semester.

Unit 1: Robo en la noche and Costa Rica (9 weeks)
Robo en la noche  (Fluency Matters)
Costa Rica overview
Zoo Ave
Rio Movie Film Study
Presley: the true story that inspired the movie Rio

Los chinchorreros de Taganga / Yo voy Ganao
Biography of J Balvin (Mi Gente Song Packet)

Unit 2: Felipe Alou and Baseball (9 weeks)
Felipe Alou (Fluency Matters)
En el tiempo de las mariposas
La República Dominicana (The Comprehensible Classroom)
El durián: El rey que huele mal (FREE)
Orlando Cepeda
Sugar movie
Interview with Felipe Alou
El plátano mágico
Baseball commercials

Watch the 5 episode series “Aventuras Vascas” (2 weeks)

Spanish 3

Semester 1:
El internado – ongoing TV series we watch on Fridays
We also do a song of the week, which actually takes about 7 class days per song.

Unit 1: Immigration, Status, and Citizenship
Immigration Unit

Unit 2: Noche de oro (the sequel to Robo en la noche!), Conservation, Water Cleanliness
Noche de Oro
¿Cómo se contamina el agua?
Tortugas Marinas
Mar de Plástico (Somewhere to Share)
Environmental Resources

Semester 2:

Unit 1: Felipe Alou this year…we didn’t do it last year due to the shutdown.

Unit 2: La Llorona
La Llorona de Mazatlan
EdPuzzle – Helados Inusuales
EdPuzzle – Mazatlán
La Llorona authentic article
Grimm episode – “La Llorona”

Spanish 4 and 5 – Combined classes

Year 1 (of 2)

El internado – ongoing TV series we watch on Fridays

Unit “Vector and the Panama Canal” (6 weeks)
“Todo sobre el canal de Panamá
Short Story: La noche boca arriba
Short Story: El almohadón de plumas

Unit “Leyendas impactantes” (6 weeks)
Leyendas Impactantes (Fluency Matters)
Los mexicas y los mayas

Unit “Spanish Civil War” (8 weeks)
La Hija del Sastre
Los niños robados de España
La lengua de la mariposa

Pan’s Labyrinth
El espinazo del diablo

Unit “Frida Kahlo” (4-5 weeks)
Frida Kahlo
The paintings of Frida Kahlo
The life of Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo cartoon (FREE) 

Year 2 (of 2)

Unit “Civil War in El Salvador” (5 weeks)
Voces inocentes
El Padre Antonio y su monaguillo Andres
La masacre de El Mozote

Unit “Las Maras” (5 weeks)
Testigo: La historia de Brayan
Abordo del tren La Bestia
Sin Nombre

Unit “Hasta la sepultura” (4 weeks)
Hasta la sepultura

Unit “La Calaca Alegre and the supernatural” (8 weeks)
La Calaca Alegre
Mamá film short
El Orfanato film study (Comprendes Mendez Spanish Shop)
Short Story:  Chac Mool

Other Units that I use as fillers!

Unit “La Guerra Sucia” (6 weeks)
La Guerra Sucia (Fluency Matters)
Cautiva film

Unit: Microfinanzas (2 weeks)

Unit “Literature Circles” (1 week or more if we do multiple rounds of circles. Sometimes we do literature circles with full-length readers that we haven’t used as whole-class readers and make it a longer unit.)

Mini-Literature Circle
Vidas Impactantes (I save Azucena Villaflor for prior to reading La Guerra Sucia) (Fluency Matters)


  1. I have followed your materials for years, and this year I am suddenly the ONLY Spanish teacher and will be teaching all levels including AP . I won’t lie, I cried a lot, I wanted to quit, but here I am getting back in the swing of things. NOW – I am actually VERY excited to get started planning since I found your guide as a reference for my scope and sequence for my program. THANK you is not enough – you are awesome!!

  2. Do you still watch El Internado with your students? I was told that it is no longer on Netflix?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for posting your scope and sequence! Awesome! It looks like your unit for La Llorona is mostly one link instead of different links for each item…just wanted to pass that along!

  4. All that I can say is Thank you…. You are so generous. I hope that you feel the gratitude and admiration and how you have helped so many of us walk towards being a classroom that is students centered and fluency centered.

  5. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing! I noticed that many of your units that include a novel study are 4-5 weeks long. How do you finish a novel in 4-5 weeks? What does your pacing look like? Thank you!

  6. Impressive that you reviewed all of this during the month of May-Hem. Definitely the best time to reflect, take inventory, etc. but at such a crazy time of year. Buen trabajo.

  7. This is incredible!!!! Thank you so much. I have needed some guidance on how I teach Spanish. Gracias!!! Gracias!!! Gracias!!!

  8. Thank you soooo much for sharing! I use several units and books of yours and this helps me so much in seeing how others are organizing units!

  9. Do your students take the college board AP exam? Just curious how the novels align and prepare them for the exam.

    1. We do not actually have an AP program, although I have had many kids prepare on their own and pass it! Darcy Pippins, Bethanie Drew, and Arianne Dowd are good teachers to look for if you’d like to know more about using readers to prepare for AP!

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