So many possibilities, so little time!

Do you ever feel like you could be a really amazing teacher if only you had the time? I feel pretty good in general, but I always feel like I am playing catchup. If things are going well at school, all it takes is a discipline issue to subvert the hard work I’ve done. Or a fire drill, or a technology glitch, or any number of crazy things that can happen every day!

Not to mention the demands on my time that I post learning targets, create formative assessment tools, submit lesson plans, report athletic eligibility, yadda yadda.

How do YOU balance it all? Do you accept “good enough” as good enough? Do you feel frustrated like me that you can’t soar as high as you’d like because of all the limitations of your situation?

I just need like 5 extra hours in my day and I think I can do it!


  1. Yes most definitely!! There are so many great things that I would like to do but I don’t have enough time to do them. Not to mention the distractions of a school day and other requirements. Maybe if I taught only 4 classes and not 6 I’d be able to do more. I feel your pain and you are not alone. Is there a way to make it a 30 hour day?

  2. I get you! My department feels the same as we try and figure out how to differentiate lesson plans in multiple ways. And how about having enough time to desaggragate data from our summatives and include that on our data management reports. Yay! The positive is figuring out to masterfully maximize time with what we have, don’t forget to laugh and enjoy a lovely green tea latte!

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