La ropa y la música: botas picudas
Una bota picuda foto: fotoexpert

I’ve been wanting to teach this botas picudas lesson for a while since I first read Crystal Barragán’s blog post about it! I figured time was of the essence–you know how fashion goes!

To start out, we are listening this week to the song “La camisa negra” by Juanes, so we listened to that. I then talked a bit about what different kids were wearing today (they know colors and a handful of clothing words already).

Then, in their groups, I had each kid look at a magazine or book that I had pre-selected and try to find some new clothing/accessory words and they made a quick (5 min) poster showing a pic of the item sketched out and the word in Spanish. We displayed them in front of the room…these can be used to support conversation as visuals.

Then what I did was ask the following questions (level 1B classes):

I am writing exactly as I would ask the class so you can see the level.

La música influye (qué significa ‘influye en inglés’?-sí influence!) la moda (ropa)?

Sí tú ves (pointing at my eyes and then pointing forward for comprehension support) la ropa una persona, sabes (pointing at my brain for comprehension support) la música que la persona escucha (point at my ear)?

Then, I told them we were going to view some photos of different people while listening to a song (Inténtalo by 3Ball MTY – Tribal Monterrey). I asked them to guess which photo most closely matched the way the people look who typically enjoy this music.

Here is my powerpoint: music and fashion

After viewing all of the photos while listening, I had the class vote as one student tallied. (Do all of this in Spanish!)

Then, I showed the video (which I edited for some visual content) about Tribal Guarachero music and the tribaleros with their botas picudas.

The kids were extremely engaged and interested! It was a hit!

Here is another really good video:

In the “The Spanish Teacher” episode of Glee Season 3 (available on amazon streaming) the “crew” dances in botas picudas to Bamboleo and Hero 21 minutes into the episode!

And now a parody of the trend (some content may need editing, please preview!):

Here is a reading ($) I made up to go with this lesson.

A big GRACIAS to @srtabarragan for the great ideas!


    1. Thank you so much for mentioning Crystal’s original blog post!! I wish I had thought to credit her at NTPRS! Now I feel really bad! She has an amazing blog!

  1. Gracias por compartir tus maravillosas ideas. Tengo una pregunta… ¿cómo editas los videos? Acabo de comprar una Mac y no aún estoy aprendiendo a usarla. Nuevamente, mil gracias 🙂

    1. Hola Nelly!
      I download the videos from youtube using Vdownloader (free) and then I edit with either Windows Live MovieMaker or Adobe Premiere Elements.
      You could use imovie but just need a way of downloading from youtube.

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