Chac Mool Embedded Reading

chac embeddedI am creating a unit on the supernatural for my level 3s, and I decided I really wanted to teach them the short story Chac Mool by Carlos Fuentes, which is one of my favorite short stories and super creepy! The only problem is, it is a bit over their heads!

I decided to try my hand at creating an embedded reading.

Please take a look, use it if you like, and please leave me a comment!

Chac Mool por Carlos Fuentes embedded


  1. I have always been a Carlos Fuentes enthusiast. Love your 4 levels of Chac Mool. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. I love this! I´m so excited to use it tomorrow with my level threes. I think we may just read the first couple of pages though as part of our Semana Santa mini-unit. Would you happen to have a version that I can edit? I´d like to include the sentence that says that he drowned during Semana Santa. ¡Gracias! 🙂

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