Future ideas for stations

Stations are a fun alternative to traditional whole-class activities!
Stations are a fun alternative to traditional whole-class activities!

I am going to use this post to compile ideas for future stations, general or specific! Feel free to comment if you’d like to add your own ideas!

Textivate.com – Using a reading that we would do in class, create a textivate. My station can be located in front of the big screen and use my wireless mouse and keyboard with my desktop computer! (Accountability: group takes a screen shot of completed puzzle and saves on computer at designated location.)

Commercials – Create a cloze activity, Q&A, put phrases in order, etc with any of these commercials.

Puppet Pals – Using my ipad in Guided Access mode (locks the ipad so that only the chosen app can be used until a PIN is entered by me), students create an animated video. NOTE: because ipad won’t turn off in Guided Access mode, bring a power cord!

Lingro.com – Set up on a computer with a google doc listing several articles. Students choose an article to read together as a group and use lingro for when they need a word defined. A good introduction to this useful tool?

Jenga game / Don’t Break the Ice game – both of these games can be labeled with a permanent marker with numbers or letters. Provide the students with a list of questions or “problems” that correspond to the letters or numbers on the game. By answering the questions/completing the task/problem correctly students get to play that game piece.

Good old-fashioned flash cards. A simple idea but could make a good station!

I have a large “library” of children’s books and magazines in Spanish. I would LOVE ideas for incorporating these into stations. Currently we do Sustained Silent Reading twice a week for 5 minutes in my level 2 classes. Ideas?



  1. My students and I used to love Textivate. That no longer holds true as on our fist experience this year, quite few of them were so turned off by the obnoxious advertisements (some popped up right in the middle of the given exercise) that they switched to another practice activity. According to Textivate’s terms, all users will need a paid subscription to work without the ads. And why even have a free option if it’s impossible to work with? Disappointed.

  2. Just curious if you pay for textivate or your school does? I tried to use it today for the first time this year and the “textivate on the fly” option is now for pay only as well.

    If your kids have computers or you have a laptop cart there are a bunch of sites with kids games in Spanish.

    A music station with some word recognition practice, is there a CD player with spots or multiple headphones?

    Storycubes, I got a couple of sets of these for Christmas from myself and have been looking for a way to add them to my classes.

    Thanks for the great ideas, I love Jenga!

  3. Yay! Some of my favorite stations:
    –A writing review station using a writing from a previous class with me- I set them up with some self editing tools (highlighters and a checklist of a few proficiency editing checks as well as grammar), and then as they’re working on editing, re-writing and/or adding, I go around and help them individually with their writings.
    –Grab bags with slips of paper with images or prompts for interpersonal practice. Grab bags can also be used for presentational writing practice- grab a few magazine cutouts and use the images to weave a story.
    –Spoons card game for vocabulary practice.
    –Using a gimmick to keep them in the TL the whole time, such as clothespins.
    I believe some, if not all, of my ideas here are “borrowed” from the creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com blog. They rock! Your ideas are awesome, too. I’ll definitely be weaving those in.

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