Cashnip Kitty

I got a tip from a follower on my facebook page about this story. Sir Whines a Lot, aka the CASHnip Kitty is collecting money for the homeless! I took the news story and made a powerpoint with the photos in under 5 minutes. I then just showed my classes the photos one by one as I told them the story. They loved it! And I love cats, so obviously I am working with my passion! We all connected so much with the story I decided to type it up, and tomorrow in Spanish 2 we will read it in both present and past tense. It is an easy enough story for Spanish 1! I also told the story to Spanish 4 in more complex language just because, and they enjoyed it too. Here is the “CASHnip Kitty” story for you to use with your classes. I hope they enjoy it too!



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