Infographics revisited

I wrote about this a while ago and after last night’s #langchat I’d like to revisit the idea.  (For a free #langchat e-book from Calico Spanish, click here!)

For this first introduction to the concept of infographics, I had the entire class read the same 3 articles, which were taken from the teacher’s manual of the novel Esperanza by Carol Gaab.  Students were instructed to read the articles as a small group, select the most important data, and create a variety of graphics on one poster to represent the data they read about.

Often, the product is the main focus of an assignment.  However, what I discovered was the discussions that took place were extremely insightful and the processing of the information in the articles was amazing!  The process was truly where the value was in this assignment!

Students read an article describing violence of the Guatemalan Civil War and created infographics representing the data


a Wordle is a great addition to an infographic poster
This infographic compares salaries in Guatemala to those in the US