Commercials for Navidad

commercialsHi everyone,

Normally I share a lot of stuff free, but I spent hours and HOURS on this, so I am selling this packet of activities to accompany 12 different Spanish-language commercials. It is $6 which is only $.50 per activity!

I am going to use one of these per day as a warm-up for my level 4 classes (except Fridays which is “sacred Internado time.”) up until we go on break in 3 weeks.

My level 2 students will do 3-4 of them.

I hope you will take a look (I have a few other items on my TPT site that are free also!), there are so many great commercials at this time of year that is was hard to choose! My students really enjoy the brief burst of input that a commercial provides, plus they are engaging enough that they WANT to understand. Additionally, I make the activities more comprehensible by pre-teaching some of the vocab and doing some discussion before, during, and after viewing the commercials.

Happy holiday viewing!




  1. I don’t teach Spanish, so I wouldn’t be able to use your packet. Would you mind giving a brief idea of the kinds of activities to do with with these commercials?

    1. I like to treat commercials like a TPRS story. You can pre-teach vocab, do a movie talk, discussion. Then for the actual listening, cloze activities, reading a line of dialogue and indicating who said it, putting the lines in order, identifying words from a list that you hear, etc.

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