“Gracias por llegar” commercial

Today I used the “Gracias por llegar” commercial from my Christmas Commercials TWELVE activities! Packet. This is a commercial in which the Spanish government encourages people to be safe drivers during the holidays. 

I wanted to preteach a little to make the commercial more comprehensible, so we discussed why it might be more dangerous to drive during the holiday season. We came up with:

More people on the roads

Driving long hours


Snow and ice


We also discussed whether highways or rural roads are safer, as well as what our parents are thinking when we are late arriving home. This tied in perfectly as Spanish 2 just read chapter 2 of Esperanza by Carol Gaab in which a woman is worried about her husband who is late and she is imagining various scenarios. 

After these discussions we completed the 2 listening activities in my packet and then watched the entire video. 

The video at be viewed here:

My packet of 12 Christmas commercial activities is available at Teachers Pay Teachers at this link:


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