Spanish Civil War Unit in Spanish 4 – Timeline Activity

We are just beginning our study of the Spanish Civil war in Spanish 4 and I decided I’d like to update with a fresh series of blog posts.

On Thursday we kicked off with a timeline activity which was created by Carrie Toth for the Teacher Resource Guide of La Hija del Sastre. I used the directions in the teacher’s guide to create a huge timeline on a large sheet of paper. I printed out the events from the teacher’s guide. Students got into groups of 4, and I gave each group 1-2 events (I am fortunate to have 2 Spanish 4 classes of 19 students each!). No English was allowed, and students collaborated to make sense of the timeline. After they placed their papers, I told them how many they had wrong. After about 3-4 tries they had it right. We then did a reading activity about some of the major events from the timeline (also included in the teacher’s guide). Students then tried to fill in their own smaller timeline from memory (they were allowed to get up and look if they needed to).

This was a fun way to process some “dates and facts.” This week we will start digging into the unit more. They will get their Art Gallery assignment and we will begin watching La Lengua de las mariposas.

Students work together to place the events on the timeline.
Students work together to place the events on the timeline.



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