Spanish Civil War Unit in Spanish 4 – Instagram Imagery

I really love the concept of #instagramELE and I also love the idea of tying social media into lessons from history. Since I am home on my 3rd snow day in the last 4 school days, I am getting tons of work done! Too bad I didn’t bring home my stack of week-old quizzes to correct!

We have so far completed our Timeline Activity and we have watched the movie Butterfly. By the way, I only teach Spanish 4 every other year, and I realized that my movie only had English subtitles. I am going to have to get one with only Spanish subtitles because since we have been using El Internado weekly in class, my students really don’t need English subtitles! But Spanish closed-captioning is very helpful!  We are moving toward our final project which is creating an art gallery, but first we have a novel, some additional readings, 2 more films, Guernica, and the film short El Ambidiestro to study!

Since our culminating project focuses on imagery, I thought bringing Instagram into the mix might be a great way to get kids connecting their learning to images.

I created this project, which I am happy to share with you (It is a FREE resource). You may need to create your own calendar, but it provides a model for you of how you can implement the project.

I also have a couple of other items that you might find useful if you are teaching about the Spanish Civil War. I have a reading activity about the Niños Robados of Spain. I also have a packet I created with a mini-biography of Federico García Lorca and comprehension activity which I sell.

I will continue to update on how my unit is going in Spanish 4…if the snow ever stops! Happy Spring!


  1. I am working on planning my Spanish Civil War unit, and I’m finding so many awesome resources you have created! I can’t find the information linked to your project in the post above. Do you have that available somewhere? Thank you!

  2. I was wondering if you have essential questions anywhere for your Spanish Civil War unit? I am rewriting curriculum based on novels and was wondering if you might have posted some or if TGs come with essential questions. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
    i just have a couple questions: Butterfly=Lengua de la Mariposa?
    And how do you scaffold for amidiestro? Sometimes I have a difficult time
    holding students accountable for media. Do you use Edpuzzle?

    1. Ambidiestro is a really tough video. I movie talk it and explain comprehensibly what is happening. I do really like edpuzzle but I would just use it for really comprehensible videos that I had pre-prepared for!

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