Numbered Heads Together

We are reading Noches misteriosas en Granada in Spanish 2 right now, and we needed a little ease back into school after Thanksgiving and a little review before we moved forward with the reader. This turned out to be a perfect little activity for today! Best of all, it requires NO PREP!

Students should sit together in groups of 4. Each student needs a mini-whiteboard, a dry-erase marker, and an eraser (or a paper towel!). Each student should write a number 1-4 on the corner of their board. If a group only has 3, one of the team members should have 2 numbers assigned.

The teacher will then ask a question in the target language to the class. The teams work together to make sure each team member has the correct answer on their board. After students have had a sufficient amount of time, the teacher should say “STOP” and then say a number 1-4. ONLY the student assigned to the number called by the teacher should hold up their board. Every team who gets the answer correct AND who has the correct number hold up their board IMMEDIATELY wins a point for that round. I tend to be pretty lenient with spelling unless the class is super strong. I ask as many questions as I feel like asking…basically you should play until the energy level seems to drop. At that time, if there are teams tied, go into a sudden death round!

This game is lots of fun and easy to set up! Give it a try!

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.47.44 PM


  1. I love, love this idea, thank you for sharing!! Nice spin on the Word Chunk Team Game. Q: How do you manage the speedy thinkers who tend to just feed the group the answer and take away their right to process? I wish I could manage this aspect better…

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